Adventures in Concealed Carry – #1

8/28/15 First day carrying, after loading up my DeSantis Tuck-This II Holster with my SR9 and a spare magazine I clipped it to my waistband and checked, for printing and such.  First impressions: not great, the elastic waistband from my shorts are not up to the task of supporting the fully loaded holster and show… Read More »

Adventures in Concealed Carry – Intro

Why Carry? Owning and carrying a pistol has been a dream of mine for some time.  Just recently it has become a reality for me as just 2 weeks ago I received my pistol permit.  I want to carry for personal protection, not because I’m worried about being attacked but because I believe in being… Read More »

Why there will always be ‘Accidental Discharges’

While Robert Farago over at celebrates a victory in terminology , I have to say “Meh”.  The blogger in question Matt Agorist of has a perfectly valid point, but what he has really done, is highlighted the real battle on our hands: Advocates from both sides use differing (and sometimes misleading) terminology deliberately.  Lets… Read More »

The Ethics of Publishing Gun Owner Lists

As is often the case around the firearms community, there are foolish people who do very dubious things in support of their beliefs concerning firearms. Case-in-point: The Journal News recently published several interactive maps that show the location of every pistol permit holder in three counties.  Everyone I know is up in arms about this,… Read More »

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The Brady Campaign ‘Assault’ Assault

Brace yourself for a flash of the obvious: The Brady Campaign is out to get our firearms.  All of them.  There is not denying it.  To those of you who have owned a gun for more than a few hours this is no surprise.  Personally it doesn’t worry me that they feel that way.  It… Read More »

Revised Safety Rules

After our review by the folks at in their article: some people pointed out that Col. Cooper’s firearm safety rules were not quite on par with reality (for example some people like to dry fire and so they would break rule #1: All firearms are always loaded)  So the question posed was how the  firearms… Read More »