Believe it or not widdiful is a word.  Webster’s Dictionary.com does not have the word but ListVerse says that it is

Someone who deserves to be hanged.

I suppose it fits me quite well. ( Along with most of the planet )

The second question is how did I find it?

Well, I was looking for a word that was unique and fit me that someone else had yet to use as a domain name.  Thus I did a search for weird words on Google and came to ListVerse.  Some words were cool but way too long ( like “floccinaucinihilipilification”: estimation that something is valueless ) and others were so far off that they made horrible domain names ( like “tyrotoxism”: to be poisoned by cheese ).  The rest were already taken ( like “pronk”: a weak or foolish person ).

Finaly, I made it to #19 Widdiful. And thus widdiful.com was born.

So what is widdiful.com about?

Firearms ethics. Huh?  Many people debate endlessly about the right and wrong involving firearms.  How do we decide?  Well in most ethics situations people discuss their many, varied views and an eventual consensus is reached wherein most people involved grudgingly agree that this is the proper way to hand this situation.   This process is frustrating and arduous and even then may be moot once the participants encounter others with entirely different notions who were not involved in the original debate.  It can take literally forever to build a universal consensus on things as simple as whether it is polite to wear a hat at the dinner table.  Ina addition even a universal consensus can shift with time making hard and fast rules rare at best.
So why bother?  Because my motto has always been to share knowledge and work towards balance and universal understanding.  The first step in making anything universal is making that information available universally.  So I will endeavor to search out the many sides of  the firearms related issues that plague us and weigh them here on my site where you can see the process and weigh in to guide me in building a universal set of ethical ideals for firearms owners.  Do not, however confuse this as an attempt to invent or redefine the right and wrong of firearms, because it’s not.  I am merely going to put to print what, for most people, is an amorphous cloud of conflicting opinions, hot-headed bravado and in some cases ignorance, that we look to for guidance.  The core of this is the

Firearms Code of Responsibility

where we outline some good commonsense rules for the responsible ownership of a firearm that covers the day-to-day basics.
These rules will become clearer and better defined as time goes on but are all currently predicated on a few basic principles:
  • People are generally good and should be trusted.
  • Everyone has the rights of  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the manor of their own choosing providing it does not violate or take away another person’s rights.
  • Violating the rights of others can cause a person to forfeit the rights they used to violate another person’s rights.
  • Justice is a right that cannot be forfeited.
Then as examples appear in the news and our lives I will headline the right and wrong of these situations clarifying (hopefully) the  murky (and treacherous) waters we wade through daily.  So please feel free to send me links to news articles, web sites and even your own questions about what is right and wrong in firearms today.


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