IGOTD – The Code (Not) in Action – #2

By | March 4, 2012

Our good friends over at The Truth About Guns have a little feature they call the Irresponsible Gun Owner of The Day (or IGOTD for the acronymically inclined) where the tell us about people who do boneheaded, stupid and/or unsafe (and usually all three) things in the news. These articles (or more accurately, the people in them) are the perfect fodder for me to use to show what happens to people who fail to follow the Firearms Code of Responsibility.  So without further ado let me introduce:

Bryan Drinkard

Bryan Drinkard - Poster child for Rule #7

To excerpt the excerpt:

On Tuesday, he entered the Brooksville Police Station and laid it down near the administrative assistant’s workstation.

The problem was that the .45-caliber Glock, which was loaded with 14 hollow-point rounds, was carelessly placed in an empty lobby, Police Chief George Turner said.

Glock pistols don’t have safety mechanisms. To use firing-range slang, the weapon was hot.

Drinkard walked out and the gun lay there for a few minutes until an employee came in and noticed it, Turner said.

Bryan has earned the distinction of being the poster child for rule #7:

I will not allow my firearms to fall into the hands of those who are restricted or otherwise unqualified to own/use/posses them.

Why is this so important?  If someone who was not an employee of the police department had picked up the firearm lives could have been lost and we would have a CNN news headline like “Police officer’s gun slays 5!”  When you own, are possession of, or entrusted with (as Bryan was) a firearm you are responsible (morally and legally in most cases) for what that gun is used for when you become careless with it.  Leaving a firearm on a desk in a public lobby is inexcusable. Someone could have picked it up and started shooting or taken it home and used it for some nefarious purpose and when it was traced it would have looked like Bryan had done it.  Never leave your firearm out where anyone could get it.

His only saving grace (which in no way makes what he did any better) was that no one took the firearm before it was found.  Small miracles!

Some things don’t matter:

  • Glock pistols don’t have safety mechanisms. – Irrelevant!  This is just a statement to scare the uneducated.  You are the safety device!  The 35 safety devices on any firearm are useless against someone being an idiot. “If you make something idiot-proof someone else will make a better idiot!”
  • … was loaded with 14 hollow-point rounds – Irrelevant! More scare tactics!  If rule #7 had been followed you would not have to worry bout what the firearm was loaded with or if it was loaded at all.  If someone stole that gun it would take 15 minutes and less than $30 at the nearest gun shop to make it loaded, which is why whether it is loaded or not (and what it was loaded with) is irrelevant.

The fact that it was loaded at all does make it worse than being unloaded but only by shades.  When you’ve let the horses out of the corral it matters very little whether or not you watered them first.


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