Revised Safety Rules

By | June 19, 2012

After our review by the folks at


in their article:

Question of the Day: Firearms Code of Conduct

some people pointed out that Col. Cooper’s firearm safety rules were not quite on par with reality (for example some people like to dry fire and so they would break rule #1: All firearms are always loaded)  So the question posed was how the  firearms safety rules in the code should be improved to fit better than before.

So here are our revised firearms safety rules:

  1. I will treat all firearms as loaded, unless redundantly proven otherwise and done for a specific purpose.
  2. I will never let the muzzle cover anything I am not willing destroy or kill.
  3. I will keep my finger off the trigger until my sights are on target and I have made the decision to destroy or kill what my firearm is pointed at.
  4. I will be sure of my target and what is beyond it.

Also, since it is awkward to refer to the rules as ‘rule 5-1’ or whatever, I am making these rules in their own right as #s 8-11.  (Thus explaining the weird layout here.

Special thanks to David ‘Rabbi’ Kenik of ArmedResponseTraining for his guidance both on the code and especially on these rules as they  are directly based on his recommended rules.

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