Guns and Journalism

By | March 12, 2010

Why do so many journalists hate gun issues?

Why do so many pro-gun  journalists only want to bash anti-gun journalists?

Check this out: Page Nine No. 80-82

This guy writes about McDonald vs. Chicago but never actually talks about the merits of the case.  He only writes about what other people think about what other people think.  Yet every time he mentions another journalist or newspaper he smears them.  Not to say they may not deserve some but where does he get the right to call them bad when he doesn’t do any better.

Once I find out what really went down I may just post it here to show him how it’s done. Maybe.

It seems to be the same old problem everywhere, pro-this spends all their time bashing the people who are anti-this but neither of them really every make a coherent and logical case for-or-against the cause they are fighting over.  We all worry that machines might take over the word but machines may be better than people.  They don’t care about their own self-image or what the press think of them.  They just want to find the ‘correct’ answer based on facts and figures, not hype.

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