The Brady Campaign ‘Assault’ Assault

By | June 21, 2012

Brace yourself for a flash of the obvious: The Brady Campaign is out to get our firearms.  All of them.  There is not denying it.  To those of you who have owned a gun for more than a few hours this is no surprise.  Personally it doesn’t worry me that they feel that way.  It is a free country and they are free to their own opinions on how things should work(dangerous words, I know.)   What really worries me is the way they are going about it.

The Brady Campaign is deliberately misusing firearms terms to mislead the less firearms educated.  This is evidenced by their blatantly incorrect use of firearms terms like clip, magazine, assault weapon/rifle and sniper rifle.  Anyone with access to Wikipedia is able to learn that a clip is:

A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine or cylinder of a firearm.

and a magazine is:

A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm.

The next on the list are ‘sniper rifles’.  The media seems to have picked up on this one as it captures the viewer’s imagination and glues them to the screen until they are sure that they are out of range of whatever .22-caliber ‘sniper rifle’ with a 1.5x scope was last found.  To hear the Brady Campaign talk any rifle with a ‘sniper scope’ is a ‘sniper rifle’ capable of indiscriminate one-shot kills at world record ranges.  This term is contagious as I have seen no less than three ‘sniper sawed-off shotguns’ on the news in the last few years!

The Brady Campaign is deliberately inventing scary phrases to scare the uninformed.  We need no further proof of this than this piece about ‘Assault Clips’.  They warn us about assault clips with capable of  ‘holding 30, 50, or 100 bullets’.   Have YOU ever seen a stripper clip for a M1 Garand that holds 100 rounds?  In truth it’s more nonsense about so-called ‘high-capacity magazines’ but the methodology they use to get their point across both their greatest weapon and their greatest weakness.

The Brady Campaign like so many others have discovered that if you make something scarey by mis-applying scarey words to otherwise benign words.  Try it our for yourself:  “We need to protect our children from pens carried by other children in school!”  Sounds ridiculously harmless don’t it?  Now try this:  “We need to protect our children from ASSAULT-pens carried by other children in school!”  With the simple addition of a word you make otherwise benign pens into dangerous weapons seemingly designed to do only one thing.

I said earlier that this is their greatest weapon and weakness.   It’s a good weapon because fear works.  Fear will make you do  things (like allowing your wheelchair bound mother to be strip-searched) that you would normally never even consider.  Fear, however has a weakness: it must be reinforced, and each subsequent reinforcement must be stronger than the last because people slowly become numb to specific fears.  Don’t believe me?  Ask a veteran roofer who was once afraid of heights.  Over time without sufficient reinforcement people become desensitized to fear.

The Brady Campaign’s tactics will not work forever and we are already seeing it weaken as they are dealt blow after blow these days.  Knowing this and the rest of their usual bag of tricks puts us at a distinct tactical advantage against them and it allows us to formulate a solid plan to beat them at their own game:

  • Be honest about guns: With the Brady Campaign rapidly loosing touch with reality we as gun owners can undermine the enemy’s credibility while increasing our own.  If we stay true to our cause we can show the increasing gap between The Brady Campaign’s fabrications stories and reality.
  • Introduce others to firearms: The more people with at least a passing understanding of firearms the less the lies will work.  The more full converts to firearms we get the fewer people the lies will work on and the greater the diminishing returns the Beady Campaign will see.
  • Let people see what real gun owners are like:  This one goes hand in hand with above.  If you introduce people to shooting, even if they ultimately aren’t interested, they will most likely walk away saying: ‘Those gun guys are OK’.  While I want converts, I will settle for people who are apathetic towards guns and gun control.  To paraphrase: “If they ain’t against us, they’re for us.”

The Brady Campaign cannot possibly be interested in the  greater good because of the underhanded and dishonest tactics they use.  And that there ladies and gentlemen is the reason they won’t succeed.  As more people get into firearms, the more their underhanded tactics will turn people ways from them.  A person who will stop at nothing to see a task through (no matter how noble initially) will eventually subvert himself and his cause.  If we are patient, open and honest  our course will win out since we started with a noble cause and have never needed and never will need to stoop to dishonest tactics to win our cause.

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