The Code (Not) in Action – #5 Robert Foote

By | June 30, 2012
Robert Foote

Proof that Alcohol, Firearms and Anger don’t mix

Today’s role model shows us why firearms, anger and alcohol are always a bad mix.  Our friend Robert Foote was happily target shooting  while under the influence (of course) when an argument began with his estranged wife.  Lets stop there for a moment: using firearms under the influence of any form of drugs and alcohol creates a huge potential for disaster.

First, alcohol and drugs inhibit your  decision making skills,  they make you more emotional (contrary to the drinking your cares away stereotype, alcohol actually makes your feelings more intense), breaking rule #2

I will strive to maintain emotional control in any situation.

When the goal is to maintain control in tough situations is is never a good idea to start out with your emotions out of control, and being under the influence means your emotional control will deteriorate even faster than normal.

Next we have a violation of Rule #5:

I will do my best to prevent or de-escalate a fight whether I have started it or not.

No mind you Robert is already under the influence, limiting his self-control and making a fight easier to get into.  The alcohol makes this situation worse because while the may have been a possibility he could suppress his anger long enough to get out of the fight, the alcohol makes him even less likely to inhibit his anger and end the fight.

Now that we know Mr. Foote was already in trouble by being inebriated and armed and in a fight we can learn that while thus impaired his estranged wife tries to leave in her car with their daughter and our stellar specimen of intelligence and control tries to stop his wife by grabbing their daughter though the car window and re-holstering his firearm.

Let’s break it down, since this guy is REAL talented, he is:

  • Under the influence
  • Angry
  • Fighting with his wife
  • Reaching though a car window
  • Garbing his daughter
  • Holstering his firearm

All at once!  There is an inevitable conclusion to this: somebody is going to get shot.  Fortunately for (most of) the people involved our Darwin award nominee only shot himself in the foot leg. (The irony would have been rich if he HAD shoot himself in the Foote, right)  So the moral of the story here?  Don’t drink while shooting your firearms and fighting with your ex about your daughter!  DUH!

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