Firearms Code of Responsibility

The Firearms Code of Responsibility strives to be the ultimate guide on the responsible ownership and use of a firearm.  It is meant to be read like a pledge that will guide you in your day-to-day firearms ownership.

  1. I will never THREATEN to use my firearm unless I feel the need to use it. [threats]
  2. I will strive to maintain emotional control in any situation.
  3. I will comply with all regulations regarding my firearm.
  4. I will never allow another to come to harm, serious injury or death by my inaction regardless of the law.
  5. I will do my best to prevent or de-escalate a fight whether I have started it or not. [fights]
  6. I will not allow my firearms to fall into the hands of those who are restricted or otherwise unqualified to own/use/posses them. [safety]
  7. I will respect a request to not carry my firearm in a particular location by either (1) not bringing my firearm to/into that location; or (2)not frequent that location when armed.
  8. I will treat all firearms as loaded, unless redundantly proven otherwise and done for a specific purpose.
  9. I will never let the muzzle cover anything I am not willing destroy or kill.
  10. I will keep my finger off the trigger until my sights are on target and I have made the decision to destroy or kill what my firearm is pointed at.
  11. I will be sure of my target and what is beyond it.

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