Gun Safety and Responsibility

In light of the recent events at Virginia Tech and the Ohio school shooting (and not so recent events like columbine) we have all been thinking about gun safety and responsibility, especially when it involves children.   But what can we, as gun owners, do?  A lot believe it or not, and without giving up… Read More »

Question of the Day at TTAG

Our friend Robert over at The Truth About Guns has featured the Firearms Code Of Responsibility as their question of they day.  This is great since it will let me get some much needed input from others people.  The debate has been intense and no punches have been pulled.  The comments have not really been… Read More »

Safety Rules

So often I see the stereotype that firearms owners are nuts who run around pointing their gun at everything that moves, shooting into the air for any excuse and just being downright unsafe in every way possible. This simply is not the case.  Going to a shoot at my local gun club is more reminiscent… Read More »