These are my rules.  You may do and say ALMOST anything here that you want as long as you follow these rules:

  1. Freedom of speech means you have the right to your opinion and the right not to be mistreated because of it EVEN if you disagree with me!
  2. Be respectful!  No swearing AT people or calling names. Even if you bleep it out.  Saying: D*** straight is acceptable (because it’s not directed at someone) but saying ‘your a ****ing m()r()n is not.”
  3. No spamming (duh!)
  4. No flaming
  5. No trolling

My number one pet-peeve is stupid people! Don’t be one!

One thought on “Rules

  1. Theron Francy

    The general meaning of ethics: rational, optimal (regarded as the best solution of the given options) and appropriate decision brought on the basis of common sense. This does not exclude the possibility of destruction if it is necessary and if it does not take place as the result of intentional malice…;



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